What To Do With Empty Space In Living Room?

What To Do With Empty Space In Living Room?

What To Do With Empty Space In Living Room?

Are you worried about what you can do with the empty space in your living room? Don’t worry, and it’s easy to turn a space into a visually appealing living room. Indoor plants can fill a space and increase the beauty of your room. Tall plants are perfect for filling the space near your television. Alternatively, you can use small plants to spruce up the rest of the living room.

Place some artwork or decorative pieces to fill in the empty space. Hanging plants can add color and texture to an otherwise bare wall, and hanging canvases can create a gallery wall look. Alternatively, you could choose a framed family photo collection to fill in the blank wall. The options are endless.If you don’t want to hang a large piece of artwork on the wall, choose a smaller, slender version.

Design the empty space as a study or hobby area. Use it for your hobbies. Create a space for quilling, sketching, sewing, or modeling. Whatever your hobby, you can create a personal space in this area. If you can’t find something to fill the empty space with, you can use it as a hobby area. Invest in a good piece of art. A large piece of art will make any space more interesting. Buying a piece of sculpture is an excellent way to fill the empty space in your living room. 

What to put in the corner of the living room

You can also convert a corner into a cozy seating area, so add a comfy chair or two. Choose something with a soft fabric seat, and don’t forget about smart lighting. A floor lamp and comfortable rugs will make the area cozy and inviting. Potted greenery and a side table will complete the look. You can make a reading nook with wall-mounted shelves or a fireplace.

Another solution for an awkward corner is painting it. You can paint a mural to add a splash of color or design to the area. You can also dress up an empty corner with a comfortable chair with a built-in bookshelf. Add some artwork or greenery, and you’ll have a cozy reading space.

What To Do With Empty Space In Living Room?

What to do with empty space in the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to add character to an empty corner in your bedroom is to hang an art piece. You can choose a large abstract piece or a beautiful landscape painting that matches the decor in the rest of the room. Alternatively, you can place a wooden ladder in the corner and drape a cozy blanket over it. Once you’ve hung a beautiful artwork piece, you can decorate the remaining space with various accessories.

If you have a long narrow bedroom, the empty area at the foot of your bed might make the room feel cold. A seat or bench in this spot would give you an excellent vantage point to admire the view. A small sofa or daybed can also be placed at the foot of the bed, providing additional seating and intimacy. 

You can use another alternative to filling space in the bedroom is to convert it into an office. If you need a space to work from home, turn your spare room into an office. Install a functional desk, a comfortable office chair, storage and filing components, and a functional lamp. And remember to use the available space to your advantage.

Empty space between kitchen and living room

You can fill those empty spaces by placing some furniture in these spaces. You can add a coffee table and a television in the living room if you have limited space. While having a TV in your living room is a great idea, you may also want a coffee table or space for reading. You can use a credenza against the wall space underneath the television to provide additional storage space if you’re short on space.

Another creative way to fill up this space is to put an accent table and a big mirror in the corner. These pieces will bring some style to the area and add a positive aura. A rug and accent table can also fill this corner. A large mirror and a side table will complete the overall look. If you don’t have a large mirror, you can add a rug in this area.

You can also fill this space with seating. While it is not ideal for placing a home office, a seat can provide a space for working, drawing, or socializing. The seating can be floating or standing, depending on the aesthetic you’re after and how much floor space you have. You should not put too much furniture in this space and make sure it is functional and attractive at the same time.

What to do with unused space in the home

There are several ways to make use of under-utilized space in your home. Rearranging furniture can free up space, allowing you to use this area as an office, a playroom for the kids, or a dining area. Using DIY artwork can also bring unused space to the forefront. Creating a shoe closet in an unused corner can also help you make better use of space. 

Consider installing luxury features, adding a walk-in closet, or outfitting the room with furniture that doubles as storage. You can use antique armoires and dressers for storing rarely-used tableware or bulky winter clothing. You can also install a captain’s bed, which allows you to store more bulky winter clothing. Incorporate storage and organization pieces in the unused space, like a chest of drawers under the bed.

You can convert an extra bedroom into a study, guest room, or hobby room using fold-down desks. You can also utilize walls in your home as extra storage space. Use built-in shelves and cabinets to store frequently used items, such as toys. Convert a spare bedroom into a library, playroom, or study area if you have a spare bedroom. 

Final Words

There are many uses for space in living room, so you should be creative when considering use for them. If you want to fill it with something beautiful and functional, a loveseat is ideal. Loveseats give guests plenty of room to spread out and squeeze in a couple’s space. Or, if you’d rather create an area where your children or pets can play, a cuddler is a great choice.