Where Does LankyBox Live?


Where Does LankyBox Live?

Living in Seattle, Washington, is Lankybox. Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma launched the humour app and YouTube channel Lankeybox.

Where Does Lanky Box Live?

Lanky Box is a popular animated web series that has gained a large following on YouTube and social media. The show features two anthropomorphic boxes, Lanky and Tater, as they go on humorous adventures and encounter various characters in their world.

But where exactly does Lanky Box live? That’s a question that many fans have asked, and the answer may surprise you.

According to the creators of Lanky Box, the show takes place in a fictional world called “Box Land.” This world is inhabited by various anthropomorphic boxes and other creatures, and it has its own unique culture and customs.

In Box Land, Lanky and Tater reside in a cozy little house that serves as their home base. They often spend their days lounging around, watching TV, and playing video games. However, they also venture out into the wider world of Box Land, exploring new locations and meeting new characters.

Some of the locations that Lanky and Tater have visited in the show include a beach, a forest, a city, and even outer space. Each location has its own unique challenges and adventures for the duo to overcome, and they always find a way to make the most of their experiences.

So, to answer the question of where Lanky Box lives, it’s in the vibrant and imaginative world of Box Land. This world may be fictional, but it’s filled with endless possibilities and adventures for Lanky and Tater to explore. Whether they’re lounging at home or venturing out into the unknown, Lanky Box is always up for a good time

Justin Kroma’s Net Worth

Known for making videos that entertain audiences, Justin Kroma is a YouTuber. He is a popular social media personality and has over 81 million views. He is also known for his “Greatest Talent Audition Ever!” spoof video, which made him and his partner Adam McArthur a household name.

The duo’s YouTube channel, LankyBox, started in July 2016. The channel makes videos of spoof popular culture, Roblox games, music videos, and cartoons. It has more than 2 million subscribers and has earned immense recognition lately. The channel is also known for its original content.

Justin Kroma was born on January 11, 1995. He is from Seattle, Washington, United States of America. He has fair body measurements and dark black eyes.

He completed his High School and University education. He is not married but has not given any information about his relationship history. He prefers to keep his personal life private. He has never revealed any information about his girlfriend. He has never mentioned the number of children he has. He has a personal Instagram account with more than 80,000 followers.

Currently, Justin Kroma is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. He is one of the most popular YouTube stars.

He has a YouTube channel that has more than 903,000 subscribers. He has made videos with his partner Adam McArthur, including parodies, pranks, and reactions. His videos also include videos of parodies of famous musicians. His most famous videos are “K-Pop with Zero Budget!” (BLACKPINK – “DDU-DU DDU-DU”) and “Greatest Talent Audition Ever!” (Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma).

The duo’s YouTube channel, as well as its account, are known for spoofing popular culture. Their debut video was “Greatest Talent Audition Ever!”. They won the Diamond Creator Award when their channel reached 10 million subscribers.

Adam McArthur’s Net Worth

Despite being a star on YouTube, Adam McArthur has a relatively modest net worth. According to online estimates, his net worth is about $100,000 to $1 million. His income can be varied wildly, however, depending on the source.

While Adam McArthur is a successful YouTuber, he is also a martial artist and producer. He is best known for his comedy posts, often accompanied by pranks and mimicry. In addition, Adam is known to misspell words in his videos. He often faces angry consequences for his errors.

In addition to being a YouTube star, Adam is also a voice actor. He has voiced characters in commercials and animated shows. He has voiced characters in such shows as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Forces of Evil, The LeBrons, My Hero Acabas, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, and Orbital Children. He also voiced the character Marco Diaz in Disney XD’s Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

In addition to his work as an actor, McArthur also runs the popular YouTube channel LankyBox. This channel features cartoons featuring Foxy and Boxy, as well as music videos. Currently, the channel has over 18 million subscribers. Ads on the channel generate approximately $96,000 per day. It is estimated that the channel will have a net worth of $40 million by 2022.

McArthur’s net worth has been increasing since the beginning of his YouTube career. In addition to his YouTube channel, Adam McArthur has a social media presence, which includes an Instagram account. He also has a small business, which involves photo booths.

He and his partner, Justin Kroma, have four siblings. They started their channel in 2016. They are among the most popular YouTubers, with millions of subscribers. The duo’s yearly earnings are estimated to be between $12 million and $40 million. They received awards from YouTube for their channel, including the Diamond Creator Award, when it reached 10 million subscribers.

Foxy The Plushie

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The Noob VS Pro Vs. Hacker series

Despite the shady reputation that Roblox has earned over the years, there are still some interesting games and apps to try out. LankyBox is no exception. Founded in 2011, this American Roblox channel has more than 22 million subscribers and counting. Founded by Justin and Adam McArthur, it’s been a raging hit since its launch. The duo is responsible for some of the best Roblox content on the interwebs, and a lot of the stuff is inspired by their personal experiences. Several of their YouTube channels have amassed over 10 million subscribers. They’ve also racked up some impressive feats of scientific jubilation. Earlier this year, the duo nabbed the coveted YouTube award for best Roblox channel. They’ve also won some big-time prizes in many other categories, including best video games, best gaming room, and best gaming avatar.

As for the real world, they’re currently working on many projects, including a new mobile app that’s reportedly in the works. They’re also in the works on a few major video game titles, including Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Foxy’s Story

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Foxy has received 30-day antibiotics and a mash of Purina Equine Senior and beet pulp pellets. This is easy to chew and digest and provides the necessary nutrition. Foxy also gets plenty of attention from the ESS crew.

Foxy is also undergoing treatment for Cushing’s. The Cushings season is particularly rough on his hooves, so he is also on antibiotics. He also has a persistent sinus infection.

Foxy is now living in a forever home. The SPCA can heal the hurts of homeless animals. They also help people who are looking to adopt a rescue pet. They can help animals recover from abuse and are committed to speaking up for animals that can’t speak for themselves.

Foxy’s story was a big hit with elementary school students. As a result, Athens has written a book about Foxy and plans to expand on the series. She showed the book to librarians, buyers, and a second-grade student in Parma.


Is LankyBox OK for kids?

Adam McArthur and Justin Chroma are the comedy pair known as LankyBox. Their bright, colourful, and family-friendly viral films have been viewed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Fun songs for kids on subjects like sleep, lunchtime, summers, and more are available from Koala & Giraffe.

Where does LankyBox live in 2022?

Living in Seattle, Washington, is Lankybox. Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma launched the humour app and YouTube channel Lankeybox.

Who is the CEO of LankyBox?

One of the most popular Roblox YouTube channels is LankyBox, which is maintained by the team of Adam McArthur and Justin Kroma. Since its inception in 2016, hundreds of Roblox gameplay videos and animations have received approximately 30 billion views and more than 21 million subscribers.

How did Justin and Adam meet?

Three years ago, they first connected at a world film festival. “We enjoyed each other’s cinematic tastes. We both laughed at them, so we simply got along and hit it off,” adds Justin. Adam and Justin started a commercial video and production company before forming LankyBox.

What is Adam real name from LankyBox?

About. Adam, also known as Adam “Adem,” was one of the original members of the well-known clickbait YouTube channel LankyBox. He was born on April 27, 1996, making him 26 years old. His notoriety stems from: having a neck that is quite lengthy.