Where Is The Super Rod In Oras?

Where Is The Super Rod In Oras?

Where Is The Super Rod In Oras?

In path 118 (East of Mauville City), there is a fisherman at the proper facet of the water a long way east that you want to surf to attain. Talk to him, and he will provide you with the best rod.

What Pokemon Can You Catch With A Super Rod In “Pokemon Sapphire”?

The fishing rod has continually played a critical position within the “Pokemon” collection, and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” is no exception. Once you stabilize the Super Rod, the varieties of Pokemon you could seize get even better than earlier. The kind of Pokemon you will locate wandering will rely on which you’re searching. These steps will even practice for “Omega Ruby,” “Ruby,” and “Sapphire” players.

1- Catching a Wailmer

Known for powerful Water-kind assaults like Hydro Pump and Psychic assaults like Amnesia, Wailmer employs an excellent range of attacks for only a Water-type Pokemon. This Pokemon swims round Pacifidlog Town and Ever Grande City between degrees 30 and 45, or you may fish for a barely more youthful level 25 Wailmer in Lilycove City.

2- Fishing for Sharpedo

Level 30 to 35 Sharpedo swim in Mossdeep City, and you’ll want the Super Rod to catch one for yourself. A Water- and Dark-type Pokemon, Sharpedo, in reality, only use one water attack, Aqua Jet, but the tutors in Mauville City can teach it, Water P, properly perky. Sharpedo relies on its Dark aspect greater frequently, resorting to moves like Crunch and Night Slash at levels 40 and 62, respectively.

3- Staryu Fishing Locations

You can best find a wild Water-type Staryu waiting in Lilycove City as soon as you have got the Super Rod, and even then, it is not assured; you’re a long way much more likely to discover a few Wailmer before you find your first Staryu due to its low fee. When you do seize the extent 20 to twenty-five Pokemon, it could have a few effective moves like Bubble Beam and Brine. Take Staryu to the pinnacle, and it will begin learning Psychic assaults, which includes Light Screen at stage forty-six.

4- Snagging a Luvdisc

Level 30 to 35 Luvdisc swims around in Ever Grande City, although they should compete with Wailmer and Corsola for the bait. Another natural Water-kind, Luvisc, resembles a sideways coronary heart and can study some extra Water assaults than others you may catch. One especially proper flow is Sweet Kiss, a Fairy-type that confuses an opponent during warfare.

5- Wild Corsola Locations

Corsola additionally appears in Ever Grande City among levels 30 and 35. It might not be the primary Pokemon you locate because of its low appearance price; however, the Water- and Rock-type Pokemon guarantees a harmful set of actions once you capture one. Power Gem is one example of Roca k-kind circulate that can help turn the tide of a struggle; this seems at level forty-one.

6- Finding Corphish

Using the Super Rod in Petalburg City ensures you a Corphish between 20 and forty-five. This Water-kind functions a few Dark-kind actions in its arsenal, which includes the intimidating Taunt and the every now and then-faulty but powerful Crabhammer at stage forty-three.

7- Gyarados and Magikarp

In Sootopolis City, you have a slight chance to capture a Gyarados. However, you’re much more likely to capture a Magikarp alternatively. This wouldn’t be the worst Pokemon to seize; in any case, it does evolve into the much greater water- and Dragon-kind Gyarados beginning at degree 20.

It’s been pretty a while for the reason that I have fought in a fighting sport. It’s difficult not to forget precisely when that turned into. However, it was a while in the past. In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), you could get the Super Rod in several one-of-a-kind ways:

  • Purchase it from the Dewford Town marketplace: The Super Rod can be bought from the marketplace in Dewford Town for five 000 Pokemon dollars.
  • Receive it as a reward: You may obtain the Super Rod as praise for finishing certain obligations or events in the sport.
  • Transfer it from another sport: If you have a Super Rod in some other Pokemon recreation, such as Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, or Pokemon Ruby, you may switch it to Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire with the use of the Pokemon Bank app.
  • Find it inside the wild: The Super Rod can, once in a while,e be located within the wild at the following places:
  • Route 118
  • Route 124


Gyarados is a water/flying type Pokemon with terrific typing, super resistance, and excellent base stats. It may be caught with Super Rod or Good Rod in many areas of the sport. Usually, it lives in vast bodies of water. Nevertheless, it’s miles very uncommon inside the wild.

A dragon-like serpent, Gyarados is primarily blue with mild yellow patches on its body and a dark blue crest on its head. There are four white dorsal fins on its tail. The barbels on the male’s frame are blue, while the ones on the lady’s ladies it.

Dososdos are capable of jumping ways. It has a big mouth with four sharp enamel. It additionally has a thin white fin at the lower back of its tail.

Gyarados is an excellent offensive sweeper and might run a cumbersome Dragon Dance set. However, its velocity is incredibly lacking, and it lacks reliable healing. In addition, it is no longer precise against electric or flying-type movements.

Gyarados’s Dragon Dance set has three attacks. One is a STAB move, and the opposite two are coverage actions.

Gyarados is likewise known for its violent tendencies. This is mainly because of its brain cells, which undergo a structural transformation when it’s on a rampage. When it is on a rampage, it has super strength. As a result, Gyarados can crush everything in its path.

Gyarados also can Mega Evolve into Mega Gyarados. Unlike its preceding form, it’s bulkier and has raised pink scales on its frame.


Staryu is one of the earliest Pokemon. It is a water-kind Pokemon with a unique design primarily based on a starfish.

While this Pokemon is a superb bodily attacker, its special tack attacks stand out; if you use a Staryu, make sure to have an Eviolite or other item to hold. Depending on what you want to do, you could analyze several movements thru HMs, TMs, and flow tutors.

The most potepowerfulB moves are Cosmic Power and Hydro Pump. They can lower the goal’s speed by a degree. Alternatively, you can use the Thunderbolt/Confuse Ray.

In the unique video games, Staryu is regularly depicted as a formidable opponent. This change into likely due to the reality that its layout is based on a starfish, a creature that may regenerate body parts.

During technology eight, Staryu’s evolution line commenced degenerating. At the same time, it was simplest to have an extraordinary encounter.

Since its debut, Staryu has made several appearances in the anime. These appearances include Juan’s Sootopolis City Water Exhibit and Misty’s cameo in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon.

Staryu has a colossal move pool and is one of the first-rate water-type Pokemon in the game. However, it is no longer as splashy because it has become inside the originals.

In Generation III, Staryu becomes called Camouflage. Though its separate assaults aren’t as marvelous as they have been within the originals, they still offer good options.


Feebas is a reasonably common type of Pokemon, but it isn’t always the most popular. The Feebas is a good trade Pokemon. However, you should be an affected person to get a fantastic catch.

Feebas is a Water type Pokemon, meaning you could seize it through fishing. You can fish in numerous places, such as Route 119, Mt. Coronet, and the ocean. It’s a dimwitted Pokemon. However, it may swim and continue to exist in dirty water.

The perfect rod, or the Super Rod for quick, is a tremendous manner to seize some of the more popular Water sorts. It is likewise an on-hand object for the aspiring fisherman.

There is no doubt that the Super Rod is an excellent manner to capture Pokemon. However, you have to be patient and a piece of success to get a good trap. If you are fortunate, you may find yourself with the best-leveled Water Pokemon in the sport.

One of the very best methods to seize the Super Rod is to head over to Mossdeep City in ORAS, in which the rod may be determined within the center of the city. Once you have the rod, you may use it to trap a handful of different Pokemon, together with a slew of the best-leveled ones.


Mega Sharpedo is a water-based, darkish type. It has a tiny head and a large mouth full of triangular teeth. The fangs are retractable.

The fangs are used to prey on different Water-kinds. When the opponent’s head is reduced, the fangs re-grow in seconds. In addition to their teeth, the Sharpedo has a gill slit in the back of every eye. This is the cause of the caused eSedo’seyes being dark.

While the Mega Sharpedo may not be the most powerful Pokemon in the sport, its capabilities can easily rival that of different, extra-effective variations. That said, it does have a slight disadvantage. For one, it can’t swim very away.

Likewise, it cannot slam dunk like Mega Sceptile. However, it has a powerful Special Attack and might 2HKO most of the offensive Pokemon in the lower stages.

While now not as cumbersome as its counterpart, it is nonetheless an influential tank. Although it is now not the fastest swimmer, it could reach speeds of seventy-five to eighty miles adding to an hour. With explosive propulsion, it may attain speeds of 125 mph.

Unlike some of its brethren, the Sharpedo truly has a Mega Evolution. After degree 30, the sharped shark will benefit from the capacity to transform into a Mega Sharpedo. Afterward, it’s also going to acquire a +25 assault enhancement.


The Super Rod in ORAS is an incredible tool for catching Pokemon. You can find it in Mossdeep City and a few other locations. This fishing rod is one of the first-rate approaches to trap distinctive sorts of Pokemon. However, it isn’t to be had in Slateport City till later.

If you do not have an exceptional rod, you could always get one in other video games. For instance, there may be a fisherman in Mossdeep City who offers you one.

He lives in a house to the left of the Space Center. He also gives you an Old Rod. That lets you trap lower leveled Pokemon. In truth, you could trap Gyarados and Goldeen with this rod in Generation I.

The Good Rod is an exceptional device for catching Pokemon too. It is likewise a reasonably clean manner to trap specific types of Pokemon. A few of the styles of Pokemon that you can seize with the Good Rod include Poliwag, Fineon, and Gyarados.

The Super Rod in ORAS isn’t located in Slateport City until later. If you haven’t determined it yet, you can get it from the Fishing Guru in Mossdeep City.

You also can use the Dive Ball. If you have that, you may boom your trap charge. Using the Dive Ball will increase the risk that you will trap a Pokemon.

Suction Cups

As Pokemon X and Y video games cross, ORAS has some brilliant feats. First, it is the most comprehensive encyclopedia of all things Pokemon. Secondly, it’s by far the most comprehensively designed game so far. This is especially real inside the realm of multiplayer. The most significant disadvantage of the route is the restricted selection of untamed Pokemon. I stated that it had remained ideal in the region of the eggs. The excellent news is that gamers have numerous methods for acquiring their preferred spawns. If you cannot capture a sparkly inside the traditional way, you may do something more excellent. One technique is to reroll the clock. For a price, this tactic will produce an image of your favored Pokemon with some tweaks to the rhyming scheme. Another is to reroll the clock using a random draw approach. While it is a chunk of time eating, it is a neat way to ensure the hatching of every egg.

There is one very last piece of the puzzle: a little study is protracted and retracted. E d You’ll need a massive-photograph approach in case you want to dump mphA desirable start is to examine through a reputable online guide, which includes the Pokémon wiki or a legitimate website online. Some of the pitfalls to avoid include: ignoring obvious Pokemon or using the wrong breed for your crew.

How to Catch an Onix?

With a harmful flow like Dragon Breath, the potential to analyze Rock Tomb, and the risk of evolving into the Steel-kind Steelix, Onix makes an impressive opponent for any warfare it struts into; the fact that its fast speed is 2d only to its surprising defense makes Onix a well-rounded contender.

1- Pokemon ORAS Caves

Both “Pokemon Omega Ruby” and “Pokemon Alpha Sapphire” gamers can locate Onix hiding away in the interior of Granite Cave. However, you’ll want the National Pokedex, acquired after defeating the Elite Four, for Onix to reveal up — especially the DexNav app. Traveling northwest from Dewford Town to the cave, you may test for Pokemon within the area with the DexNav app. Alternatively, you can test the Global Trade System for different gamers inquisitive about trading their Onix for another Pokemon. Finally, if you have an Onix in a duplicate of “Pokemon X” or “Pokemon Y,” you may switch it for your sport after getting the National Pokedex.

2- Onix in Pokemon X/Y

In each “Pokemon X” and “Pokemon Y,” you can sometimes locate Onix whenever you operate Rock Smash in the Glittering Cave in southern Kalos. Most of the time, you’ll become going through a Dwebble. However, you have a 3partrt risk of seeing a wild Onix emerge instead. Wild Onix also appears in Rock-type Friend Safari zones. If you play “Pokemon X,” you may get a bonus region: Using Rock Smash in Cyllage City offers you a 30 percent threat to find Onix. “Pokemon Y” gamers won’t discover Onix right here, but both “X” and “Y” gamers can flip to the Global Trade System. They can not locate an Onix via the conventional approach.

3- Strategies for Catching Onix

Like any other Pokemon you are trying to capture; you want to make Onix faint; don’t overwhelm Onix with Water- and Ice-types, each of which can be outstandingly powerful in opposition to each Ground and Rock. Likewise, a Fire-type might be unable to blink before it falls to Onix, as those Pokemon are weak to both of Onix’s factors.

For fights where you’re looking to capture an Onix, bust out the Dragon-, Fairy- and Psychic types; those are the three types that do everyday damage, permitting you to chip away at its health once you’ve stunned the massive rock Pokemon. Use many fame-afflicting movements, including sleep and paralysis, to increase your possibility of seizing the giant rock beast. Special Pokeballs, consisting of Dusk Balls, work well while seeking to capture Onix in a cave setting.

4- Teaching Onix New Tricks

Through breeding, Onix can study movements that he wouldn’t analyze otherwise; for example, leaving Onix with Golem on the Pokemon DayCare may produce an infant Onix that knows the move Heavy Slam, a Steel-kind assault that factors Pokemon weight into its harmful result. Alternatively, breeding an Onix with Dwebble can produce an Onix that knows Rototiller, a Ground-type pass intended for row Onix’s modest attack stat.

How to Do the Eighth Badge in “Pokemon Silver”?

The eighth health club badge, exceptional, referred to as the Rising badge, is your praise for finishing the last and brutal Pokemon Gym conflict at the Blackthorn City Gym in “Pokemon Silver.” Your opponent is Clair, who uses Dragon-type Pokemon, one of the most potent kinds in the game. However, like all Pokemon, even Dragon-kinds have their weaknesses. Obtaining this badge is entirely not like acquiring the others because you have to complete a further mission after beating Clair before she will be able to supply it up.

Go to Blackthorn City after you have gotten the first seven badges and defeated Team Rocket in 3 instances — the third time is while you fight them at Goldenrod City. You can reach Blackthorn City via Route forty-four and the Ice Path east of Mahogany Town.

Head to the northern half of the town, wherein you will discover the Blackthorn City Gym. Enter and undertake Clair. Before you can beat her, you want to combat your manner through the gymnasium’s running shoes. Work your manner through the gym till you get to the stop — you’ll need a Pokemon that has the Strength skill so that you can flow the boulders that block your direction.

Fight Clair. She has all Dragon-kind Pokemon, so your friendlier for this instructor struggle is to convey at least one or Ice-type Pokemon.

Leave the health club after defeating Clair and go to the Pokemon Center. Please speak with the female on the desk and have her heal your Pokemon. Return to the gymnasium; however, move around again. Surf through the water to reach a cave — talk with the man out the front and enter.

Approach the water and surf across it bearing south — the water here is full of Dratini, which are pretty sturdy Dragon-type Pokemon. If you continue to have your Ice-type Pokemon on your celebration, you must have no problem navigating this cave.

Cross the whirlpool and continue southeast till you reach the eastern wall some distance away. Head north

from here to reach a strip of land. Follow the route to the north and look at the item to achieve a Dragon Fang. Clair appears beside you and offers you the 8th gym badge — the Rising badge.

How to Get Red Gyarados within the “Pokemon Sapphire” Version

In “Pokemon Sapphire,” Gyarados is a Water and Flying-type Pokemon with a fierce temperament. Its aggressive nature complements its potential to study powerful assaults, which include Dragon Rage, Twister, and Hyper Beam. Like all Pokemon species, Gyoccasionallyiareally is available with one-of-a-kind colorings. This typically blue Pokemon can also seem with crimson scales. While common in most Pokemon games, it may be determined in a lake in “Sapphire.”

Travel to Mossdeep Town east of Route 124 in eastern Hoenn.

Visit the house on the hill on the Japanese side of the island.

Talk to the fisherman internally to acquire the Super Rod item.

Go west on Route 126 and use “Dive” in dark water. You will enter an underwater passage that leads to Sootopolis City.

Fish inside the lake in the southern phase of Sootopolis City until you hook a pink Gyarados or a gold Magikarp. A gold Magikarp evolves right into a purple Gyarados at degree 20.

Throw a PokeBall to seize the pink Gyarados.


Magikarp is among Levels 30 and 35. Gyarados is between Level five and forty-five. You may weaken a wild Pokemon with attacks earlier than subduing it with a PokeBall.

Gyarados is susceptible to Rock and Electric-type attack. It has partial resistance to fighting-, Bug-, Steel-, Fire- and Water-kind attacks, as well as an immunity to Ground-kind movements.

Gyarados’s “Intimidate” capability will lower its opponent’s assault strength at the start of every struggle.

Use Technical Machines to teach Gyarados assaults together with Thunder Wave, an Electric-type assault, and Flamethrower, a Fire-kind attack. Gyarados also can learn Hidden Machine techniques so that you can assist them at some stage in your travels. For example, if you teach Gyarados Surf from HM03, it ferries you across the water.

How to Get Gyarados in “Pokemon FireRed”?

It’s possible to locate Gyarados while fishing the ponds of Kanto in “Pokemon FireRed,” however, you can additionally assure yourself that they are considered one of your own. By buying a Magikarp from an eager business person, you keep that evolving into the massive water- and flying-type dragon. These steps additionally practice the “LeafGreen” model.

Fishing Gyarados

Travel to a part of the map that contains water you could fish in. Some examples encompass Routes four, 6, eleven, and 25, Viridian City, Four Island, Five islands, and Cinnabar Island.

Equip the Supewhilewhile standing after the water. If you have not acquired this improvement, you could locate it on Route 12’s Silent Bridge, in which the more youthful of the Fishing Brothers will hand it over in case you tell him you adore fishing.

Ride a water-type Pokemon that knows Surf — discovered inside the Safari Zone — to fish inside the middle of the water anywhere you want. There is a 15 percent hazard of catching a Gyarados among tiers 15 and 25.

Purchasing and Evolving Magikarp

Travel to Route four and enter the Pokemon Center. While most of the alternative guests do not have much to offer past ordinary small talk, the salesman within the top left nook has a deal only for you: the “secret” Magikarp for the tune of 500 PokeDollars. This Magikarp starts at degree 5.

Use experience-boosting gadgets to help Magikarp alongside. For example, Rare Candy observed at some point in the sector right away boom its stage, bringing it a whole lot towards what it needs to adapt: stage 20.

Leave Magikarp at afternoon care. Every step you take outside of the daycare enables your Pokemon to enjoy without having to keep it to your celebration.


Because Magikarp might not ever truly fight, you may carry him to fights in opposition to any stage Pokemon; as long as you’ve got any other Pokemon it truly is experienced enough to take it down, Magikarp gets that instead more enjoy for “defeating” this sort of powerful enemy.

Use Gyarados against fireplace-type combatants; however, preserve it far away from an electric-type.

If you are not far alongside enough to get the Super Rod and do not need to pay 500 PokeDollars, you’re assured a Magikarp if you fish with an Old Rod in any water; comply with the identical steps for evolution.


Please don’t go away, Magikarp, in a fight wherein it could faint. If it faints, it may not benefit, and the fight may be wasted.


In ORAS, what is the Super Rod?

In ORAS, the Super Rod is a powerful fishing rod that lets you catch powerful and rare water-type Pokémon in water. Any trainer who wants to complete their Pokédex or build a strong team will find this a useful tool.

In ORAS, where can I purchase the Super Rod?

In ORAS, you can talk to a fisherman in the Seafloor Cavern to get the Super Rod. You must progress through the main story of the game to reach the point where you must confront Team Aqua or Team Magma at the Cave of Origin in order to reach the Seafloor Cavern. When you defeat all of the trainers in the area, the fisherman in the Seafloor Cavern will give you the Super Rod.

In ORAS, which Pokémon can I catch using the Super Rod?

You can catch a wide range of water-type Pokémon with the Super Rod in ORAS, including some rare and powerful Pokémon like Gyarados, Sharpedo, and Relicanth. Because some of these Pokémon can only be found in particular bodies of water, you should make sure to thoroughly explore the region.

How would I involve the Super Pole in ORAS?

In ORAS, you must locate a body of water and stand next to it in order to use the Super Rod. After that, select the Super Rod from your Bag and use it. In the event that a Pokémon nibbles your snare, you’ll enter a fight with it. After that, you can try to catch the Pokémon or defeat it to earn rewards and experience.

Is the Super Rod the most effective ORAS fishing rod?

The Super Rod is, indeed, ORAS’s best fishing rod. In the game’s water bodies, you can catch the strongest and rarest water-type Pokémon. While other fishing rods are available in ORAS, none are as powerful or adaptable as the Super Rod.

Can multiple Super Rods be purchased in ORAS?

No, in ORAS, you can only get one Super Rod. It will only be given to you once by the fisherman in the Seafloor Cavern, so use it wisely and treat it well.