Where was God Before Creation? The Best Answer to Explain “Who Created God”

Where was God Before Creation? The Best Answer to Explain

Where was God Before Creation? The Best Answer to Explain “Who Created God”

Many faiths claim that a divine being created life and the cosmos. This article is not intended to debate ideas but rather examine different perspectives on physical notions applying to philosophical theology.

Before the beginning, where was God?

God is not a physical creature, He is not bound by physical laws or by the passage of time.

No Time Before Creation

Saint Augustine offered two responses when asked what God was doing before creation. He pointed out that there was no time before God formed. Thus the issue is irrelevant. God created space and time when he created the heavens and the Earth.

There was just an eternity before time started. God is a timeless deity who created the cosmos at the beginning of time. To make sense of it all, I’ll go through the following ideas:

Studying the idea of time and how God may have benefited from it, If the Big Bang was not, in fact, the beginning of the universe,

Everything I’ll say can be argued against. Everyone has the right to their thoughts and beliefs. It’s not my intention to alter that. I’m only offering you another option to think about.

What Is God’s Beginning?

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth,” says Genesis 1.1.

But who created God in the first place? What country did He come from?

Alternative faiths have different answers, such as the belief that gods beget gods. Simply put, Christianity asserts that God has always existed.

What happened before the start?

That’s absurd since the word “beginning” implies that nothing existed before that point.

What comes after the beginning?

That can’t be right since we’re initially talking about Him creating the heavens and the Earth. As a result, He had to be already present.

Is there any other option?

The only other alternative is to declare that He was created simultaneously as the cosmos. That should be enough to satisfy our inquisitive minds.

But hold on a second. God created the heavens and the Earth. Doesn’t this imply that He is the creator of the universe? So I’m having trouble picturing the split second that divides everything from nothing.

Is it true that God created time?

St. Augustine, a fourth-century theologian, wondered where God may have been before creating the cosmos. He explored the possibility that if God existed, he created time.

But, if that were the case, there would be no “before” in the era before the Big Bang. As a result, there would have been no space for God to exist.

Albert Einstein, too, came to the same conclusion. According to his theory of relativity, as mass increases, time slows down. Before the Big Bang, if the whole universe’s mass existed in a place smaller than a subatomic particle, as physicists define it, time would have virtually come to a halt.

God would have had an eternity to perform His creative work if time hadn’t passed! However, I’m still curious as to where He was. It goes against the logic I just presented.

The universe may be oscillating.

I have an idea that might explain the discrepancy

The Big Bang was not the start of anything. Time may be cyclic. The cosmos may be bouncing between being and non-existence.

Expansion > Contraction > Black Hole > Then Another Big Bang

Since the previous big bang, we’ve known that the cosmos has expanded. With today’s technology, that growth is quantifiable. The gravitational attraction of all galaxies will eventually overcome the expansion. The universe will begin to collapse in on itself once again. It eventually compresses into a black hole, which will eventually burst into a new big bang.

Does each cycle become an identical duplicate of the previous cycle if what I just explained is true? | Or does everything come out differently every time it happens?

If that’s the case, we don’t have a choice in our life. We’re just following the universe’s pre-written script. Attempts at Creation Have Been Made Several Times

Another hypothesis exists. God may have been busy inventing intricate situations to test and see which one works best.

Many parallel realities might exist simultaneously in our current state of “being.” Each reality might take a different course. There may be an unlimited number of realities.

Where was God Before Creation? The Best Answer to Explain "Who Created God"

What’s on the Other Side of the Universe?

So, what’s on the other side of the universe? We tend to consider the cosmos to be “everything.” Its limits become more defined as it expands, separating it from everything outside.

If I assert that there is something beyond the cosmos, the universe itself cannot contain everything. Is it possible?

We require a frame of reference as thinking human beings with restricted perception. However, our capacity to perceive reality is hampered due to this. Scientists thought the Earth to be the center of the cosmos. The Milky Way was formerly supposed to symbolize the whole cosmos.

We better know what’s out there when technology allows us to peer farther into space. But unfortunately, we will always have a narrow frame of reference.

We can’t think outside the box if we’re still within it. We can only conjecture, theorize, and conjure our ideas and notions. Even Einstein recognized the limits of human understanding.

Last Words

From a human standpoint, the solution to this problem is incomprehensible. As humans, we see existence as a series of days, weeks, months, and years, and we can only live in the present, yet God created time. He resides in another dimension, one that is not limited by time. He can see and engage in the past, present, and future all at the same time.

This is a complicated topic to cover, but I tried to explain it in the best way possible. Many of you can have a different opinion from me on this topic, but I hope you find this helpful article.