Which Countries Do And Don’t Have KFC?

Which Countries Do And Don't Have KFC

Which Countries Do And Don’t Have KFC?

Do you want to find KFC outlets around the globe? This article helps you which countries do and don’t have KFC outlets? This food chain has built its reputation all over the world. KFC started its foreign market in 1960; it serves most of the world’s countries. KFC franchises are almost in every corner of the globe. In addition, there are more than 145 countries globally that have more than 25,000 KFC outlets. 

The first KFC franchise opened in the U.S. in 1952. Furthermore, the primary market for KFC is China, with more than 7,900 stores. Other countries are the U.S., Japan, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and Canada. These countries have the leading KFC outlets. So, here we mention the countries with the most KFC franchises (in ascending order).

Name KFC franchise
United Kingdom 900
Japan 1,181
United States 4,491
China 4,563


On the other hand, many countries don’t have any KFC outlets. There are no longer KFC spots in Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, Yemen, Guyana, Andorra, Haiti, Fiji, Norway, or Israel. 

History Of KFC

KFC is the most loved spot for chicken lovers; when we immediately think of fried crispy chicken, KFC comes to our mind. Do you ever wonder who is behind this? KFC fried chicken is famous all over the world. This brand recognizes by an older adult with a white beard. Furthermore, this fried chicken has crispiness outside and juiciness inside. In addition, in the 1930s, this journey was started by Harland Sanders. This man never gave up on hardships, and in the 1980s, at the time of his death, he was a millionaire by establishing his food chains worldwide.

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List Of Countries That Have KFC

There is a long list of countries with KFC outlets in the world. These are mentioned below. 

  • KFC Outlets In Europe

Where are you find some good fried chicken in Europe? KFC has a massive chain in the United Kingdom with almost 1,000 outlets. It is the fastest-growing food chain in the U.K. So you can find KFC outlets in the Czech Republic (97 outlets), Bulgaria (27 outlets), Germany (173 outlets), Cyprus (26 outlets), France (248 outlets), Italy (51 outlets), Hungary (78 outlets), Ireland (40 outlets), Russia (1000+ outlets), Turkey (142 outlets), Poland (300 outlets), Spain (143 outlets), and Portugal (34 outlets).

  • KFC Outlets In Asia

KFC is a massive name in Asia, and everyone knows about it. China has the largest network of KFC stores. KFC entered China in 1987. However, within seventeen years, they succeeded in achieving the milestone of the 1000th restaurant in Beijing. Now there are almost 8,000 outlets in China. China has the 43% of the total number of franchises globally.  

Many countries in Asia have KFC stores, including Hong Kong (75 outlets), Bangladesh (24 outlets), and Kazakhstan (59 outlets). Moreover, India (395 outlets), Indonesia (689 outlets), Malaysia (718 outlets), Pakistan (83 outlets), Singapore (86 outlets), Japan (1,131 outlets), Philippines (332 outlets), South Korea (190 outlets), Taiwan (153 outlets), Sri Lanka (39 outlets), Vietnam (136 outlets), and Thailand (717 outlets).

  • KFC Outlets In Central And South America

You may crave some fried chicken as you travel in the south of the United States while enjoying the sunny day. So, you may be lucky if you are in central or South America. You will be able to find a few KFC outlets in Costa Rica (43 outlets), Colombia (79 outlets), Panama (44 outlets), Brazil (60 outlets), Ecuador (144 outlets), Puerto Rico (81 outlets), Jamaica (37 outlets), Tobago & Trinidad (58 outlets), and Venezuela (25 outlets).

  • KFC Outlets In Africa

So are you in Africa for vacations and carving for finger-lickin’ chicken? In addition, there are almost 1000 outlets across 25 countries in Africa. In 1971, KFC entered South Africa (914 outlets), and since it has been growing. Nigeria (21 outlets), Morocco (17 outlets), Egypt (154 outlets), and Namibia (21 outlets) are the other leading markets for KFC in Africa.

  • KFC Outlets In The Middle East

However, there is not a massive chain of KFC outlets in the Middle East. Furthermore, most outlets are in UAE (151 outlets) and Saudia Arabia (220 outlets). In addition, you can find some of the KFC outlets in Jordan (27 outlets), Lebanon (23 outlets), Bahrain (24 outlets), Kuwait (66 outlets), Qatar (39 outlets), and Oman (36 outlets) 

Which Countries Do Not Have KFC?

There are many countries worldwide that do not have KFC. Zimbabwe, Syria, Israel, Iran, Yemen, Norway, Guyana, Andorra, Haiti, and Fiji. Due to some economic restrictions, Scandinavian countries have no KFC spots. So, importing chickens would be too costly, so this is the reason Norway does not have any KFC spots. 

Analysis Of KFC 

Let us discuss some strengths and weaknesses of the KFC food chain.


  • KFC has the most famous secret recipe.
  • The brand has world-renowned.
  • It has traditional employee loyalty.
  • KFC has skilled and robust management.
  • Furthermore, they use high-quality materials for their premium quality products.
  • They offer their customers hygienic and pure food products. 


  • KFC has high-cost prices compared to its competitors. 
  • There is a lack of new products.
  • However, they have no approach to home services.

The Secret To KFC’s Success

Time is the main factor in the success of any brand. However, you will always expect to get your ordered product as soon as possible. Moreover, Sandlers prepare their food ready to eat quickly, and he uses a pressure cooker for this purpose. Resultantly, it leads to tastier and juicer chicken. So, Sandlers himself prepared this secret recipe that uses worldwide. 

Surprisingly, any chicken in the world can’t compete with the taste of KFC. However, others cannot use this recipe for fried chicken. Furthermore, there is one other reason for the success of KFC is the franchise system that follows by KFC restaurants worldwide. However, some rules should follow at any cost. Some rules are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, no utensils other than a pressure cooker will use to cook the chicken.
  • Secondly, it should be left in the pressure cooker for at least 15 minutes when the chicken is cooked. 
  • However, the weight and size of the chicken should be the same. Furthermore, the size should be 8cm wide, and the weight should equal 300 grams.
  • Chicken should marinate overnight.
  • So, there is a rule that the chicken used in the recipe should have a fixed age between 60-and 70 days. To conclude, all these sets of rules are the reason behind the success of KFC.
  • In addition, KFC gives opportunities for employment for deaf people. Even at some stores, KFC teaches their deaf staff to read the lips movements of customers. So, this step helps deaf people a lot to earn for them. 

What Is The Current Reputation Of KFC In The World?

Are you interested in knowing the present situation of KFC? KFC is still growing worldwide. Read below to learn the current condition of KFC worldwide.

  • “Yum” is the present parent company of KFC. 
  • By 2020, almost 150 countries will have KFC outlets around the globe. 
  • It has 22,621 spots around the globe and is the second-largest chain after Macdonald’s. During the Covid-19, KFC removes the “it’s Finger-lickin’ good” slogan from the ads. 
  • KFC decides to remove its slogan temporarily. However, they will come up with it at the right time when the Covid ends. 


Now you will know all the success secrets of KFC and its current situation worldwide. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the most popular fast-food chain worldwide. KFC is the first choice of people when it comes to fried chicken. Therefore it has gained much popularity all over the world.