Why Are Squishmallows So Popular?


Why Are Squishmallows So Popular?

Since they first came out in 2017, Squishmallows have been a steady trend. In 2020, they will become trendy. But their popularity may decrease as the number of these stuffed animals grows and people’s homes get smaller.

But there are many reasons why this product became so popular. Let’s look at some of the main things that have made Squishmallows so successful and popular and that are still making them so.

Why Do People Like Squishmallows?

Aside from being cute and charming, adults like Squishmallow because they can be used as a pillow or decoration. Since Squishmallow was started in 2017, the fan base has grown. Because of the pandemic, more people are collecting plushie brands because most people look for comfort in the most challenging year.

Top Reasons for Squishmallows’ Popularity

Let’s consider what made them so well-liked and famous in the first place.

Offers a Diverse Range of Products

Kelly Toys, the company that makes Squishmallows, developed this product distinctively. Instead of releasing it in just a few colors and sizes, they broadened their audience by developing a large cast of characters for the Squishmallow line-up. 

Clans are the names given to these various subcategories of Squishmallows, and there may be dozens of different Squishmallows in a single clan. Additionally, Kellytoys is still adding new clans to the roster and new players to current clans. As a result, there are already more than 800 Squishmallows on the market.

However, because stores often run out of stock and some in-demand items are challenging, the complete selection is not that readily accessible. However, there is something for everyone out there, thanks to the wide variety and size of the product selection. For example, the largest Squishmallows can reach heights of over 2 feet, while the smallest Squishmallows are palm-sized items 3–4 inches tall.

The Story

The Squishmallows have a unique story, unlike many other plush animals on the market. Each Squishmallow toy has a unique backstory, yet some characters also have similar qualities. For instance, while some of the toys from the same clan may come from the same family or area, each clan member will have their own set of qualities, habits, and even personalities. People can relate to the Squishmallow because of this.

Squishmallows for Mental Health 

It would be silly to explain Squishmallows’ appeal without bringing up their purportedly advantageous effects on mental health. On the well-known social media site TikTok, casual users, and collectors have acknowledged the artifacts as helping with trauma rehabilitation and offering beneficial sensory stimulation to the world. Many users of social media sites like TikTok and Instagram have discussed this. 

These plushies most surely do the trick, yet it is still unknown exactly how a simple stuffed animal might help in healing trauma and fostering a more optimistic attitude toward their experiences with Squishies, providing some emotional and mental benefit.

The craze for collecting.

Of course, there is also a profit reason to collect Squishmallows in addition to any potential emotional advantages. The artificial scarcity of these collectibles has raised their prices on the secondary market, much like the Beanie Baby fad in the 1990s. A toy that costs ten to fifteen dollars at retail can frequently be resold online for up to thirty dollars. 

Mercari is currently one of the most well-liked Squishmallow resale websites. Like Depop and Poshmark, this platform enables consumers to buy and sell their belongings. Many individuals own Squishmallow resale businesses, which comprise buying Squishmallow stock from well-known retailers and selling it online for more money.

Limited Models

Kelly toys have been extremely picky about how it releases its products, which is one of the reasons Squishmallow enthusiasts are so thrilled to get their hands on a Squishmallow that they finally wanted. It has created several supply strategies to increase market demand and make some products more difficult to obtain. 

Limited-time production runs are one of the strategies that they have employed most frequently. Some products, even those that weren’t all that unique, were only offered for a limited period. Unfortunately, the business didn’t announce this in advance; after some time, they stopped producing a particular model.

They also had other labeled unique models, and consumers knew they would only be offered for a limited time. However, consumers are already so eager to purchase that they run out even more quickly when the manufacturer reveals that a limited model is coming up.

Unique Varieties

Even though all Squishmallow versions are built on the same idea, they all derive their inspiration from various sources. The Japanese kawaii design is the main component of the aesthetic. This structure is combined with other creatures, locations, ideas, plants, and other elements to create a Squishmallow design.

There is now also an app for Squishmallow enthusiasts because there are many designs, models, and Squishmallows in each category. This app is made to assist users in keeping track of various things and keeping tabs on which ones they have already purchased and which they still need to buy.

Social Media

In 2017, Squishmallows were first introduced. Even then, while not to the same degree as now, they had a fair amount of popularity. Many TikTok celebrities began creating films about their Squishmallows during the outbreak and soon after. Suddenly, once this type of footage received hundreds of millions of views so quickly, everyone was craving Squishmallows.

Prices were further driven higher because this occurred when production was far lower than usual, shipping was problematic, and markets weren’t as easily accessible. In addition, due to their limited supply, people would frequently spend the entire day searching from store to store for Squishmallows.

Many social media influencers would record videos of themselves searching for Squishmallows, offering information on where to look for them and other details that potential customers might be interested in.


There is no denying the soaring popularity of Squishmallows, whether people are collecting because of social media trends, the beneficial impact these plushies have on their mental well-being, or even the financial incentive of some characters increasing in value.

Stock appears to be increasing in abundance, indicating that Kellytoy has decided to meet demand with supply rather than promoting a resale culture. Although partially, the increased supply has started chiefly to undermine the uniqueness of these toys, which has decreased demand.

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