Why Did Rose Throw the Necklace in the Ocean?

Why Did Rose Throw the Necklace in the Ocean?

Why Did Rose Throw the Necklace in the Ocean?

The necklace in the movie Titanic was a gift to Rose from her mother. Still, she feels it reminds her of the tragic circumstances that separated her from her mother when she was young. 

The heart pendant is the only thing Rose has left of her mother, so she feels it holds too many sad memories to keep or even look at. However, after the shipwreck, Rose decides that Jack needs the necklace more than she does.

So she throws it into the ocean before either of them dies to give it to him and bring good luck to his future with his new wife, Kate.

Why was Rose acting so strangely?

The best place to start is with her behavior and emotions. In Titanic, Rose boards a ship headed for America to reunite with Jack, a man she was supposed to marry. She is young, rich, and wonderful but somehow feels like something is missing from her life. 

It is clear that Rose has romanticized what she will find when she meets up with Jack again after all those years; they were young, deeply in love, and it didn’t seem possible that anything could have changed since then.

However, as she waits for him on board, she realizes he’s not coming. This realization is difficult for her because it forces her to acknowledge that something may be wrong with their relationship or how she remembers it. Her disappointment leads to depression and despair as Rose slowly realizes reality: Jack doesn’t want to see her and never wants to see her again.

Why don’t we know what happened with the necklace?

It could be as simple as DeMille not telling us or not knowing himself; after all, DeMille is a fictional character. Or it could be that Rose’s sense of independence—she’s only ever dated DeMille, and she doesn’t even want to know his last name!—is so powerful that she chooses to ignore her husband’s feelings on an issue that matters to him.

We can’t know for sure, but we know that Rose decides to hurt someone who loves her deeply and then lives with that decision for fifty years.

If there were a sequel, it would focus on whether or not their marriage survived such an epic betrayal. And if it didn’t, I’d bet my money on DeMille walking away from Rose rather than staying in a loveless relationship.

The real Rose

In real life, Anna was 16 years old and at her prom when she met 27-year-old Charlie Chaplin. The two danced to a slow waltz. Charlie bought a drink for Anna and invited her back to his home. 

They had dinner together, which ended with them lying down on Chaplin’s bed and talking for hours about their childhoods, hometowns, and families.

The next day, Chaplin’s mother came home to find that he’d had dinner with a young girl at his house (Anna was still there), so she instructed him not to see her again until she turned 18. They continued writing letters; Anna asked for another meeting with Charlie, but he refused until she turned 18.

What if… (Alternative Endings)

Threw a rock into a pond? It sank. What if she threw it at someone? Hit them in the head. Why didn’t she leave it somewhere for her husband to find? She wasn’t that kind of wife. He could have asked her for it if he wanted to see it. Why was she so angry with him? Because he left her and their daughter alone on an island with no way off.

What if… (alternative beginnings): In another life, Rose might have been a writer or an artist; but instead, when Jack left on his fateful voyage and never returned…

Why did Rose toss the necklace into the water?

In Titanic, Rose gives Jack a diamond necklace. He notices that she has yet to wear it and asks why she hasn’t worn it. She says that she intends to save it for their wedding day, but then he tells her he is not planning on getting married until after they are both rich.

His response hurts Rose because she was saving it as a gift for when they finally got married, and then she decides to throw it in the ocean. It demonstrates how big and powerful she is and how much she adores him.

This also shows how much pain she went through while waiting for him to return from war, only to find out that he died before returning. The necklace was given to her by Cal Hockley, who was engaged to her sister, Lizzy.

She threw it into the ocean because Cal had been giving her gifts all along, trying to get her attention even though he knew Lizzy liked him better than herself, which made Rose angry with Cal, so she decided not to keep any of his gifts which included throwing away/giving away all of his skills except for one which was given to her at their engagement party.

Final words

Though Titanic was more of a love story than a survival movie, nothing beats self-rescue when it comes to survival. We may not have all of Rose’s luck and charm, but we can certainly do better than an icy death.

A first point to mention is what we’ve seen in Titanic is sometimes not truly the case. The biggest misconception is that hypothermia will be quick and painless—it won’t be! When you get cold, your reaction time slows down, so it takes longer for you to act and make decisions.

You also become weak, so you’ll need another body to help keep warm or paddle harder through waves. I hope you are okay with your answer and enjoy our blog post. Thanks for your time and reading!