Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

In Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, it is subsequently revealed that Michael is probably under the influence of the Cult of Thorn, an old Druid curse that demands that he kill every living person in his entire bloodline.

His murderous intent might have been inspired by envy and neglect, which is a common combination in slasher films. His sister was meant to be watching over Michael while she was babysitting him, but she instead left to have sex.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered why Michael Myers kills. There’s a theory that he kills to instill fear in people, but why? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the possibilities. First, consider his unique traits, which make him a psychopath and resourceful. Then, read on to learn why Michael kills. It may surprise you!

Michael Myers is a psychopath.

Michael Myers has many traits that suggest he is a psychopath. For one, he is prone to catatonia, which causes a person to be paralyzed. Catatonia is often found in patients with schizophrenia. Symptoms of catatonia include rigid movements, refusal to eat, and bizarre posturing. Although it’s not clear whether Michael Myers was genuinely suffering from catatonia, it is possible that he was faking his catatonia to lure people away from the murder.

Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

The movie’s famous scenes involving the child-murdering his sister, Laurie Strode, are reminiscent of childhood nightmares. The cult’s curse causes Michael to kill all of his family members, and his head tilt suggests a childlike nature. This scene is alarming as it depicts Michael Myers’ childhood boogeyman, the boogeyman of Halloween stories.

As a psychopath, Michael Myers’ killing spree began when he was a child. The young Michael had no memory of the crime. Instead, he claimed to hear voices in his head that instructed him to kill. After killing his sister, he was transferred to a mental facility but did not speak again. The parents found him outside his house, and he was committed. After a brief stay in a mental institution, Michael Myers did not speak for three years.

In 1978, Halloween, the film was a sequel to the first film. Michael escapes the burning house and begins a killing spree. The mob tries to kill him, but it proves too destructive. The mob swarms after him, and he kills one of them. The following Halloween, “Halloween Kills 2,” is said to follow in Myers’ footsteps.

He kills to instill terror.

As the first sequel of the Halloween series shows, Michael Myers kills to instill terror. He kills to scare and terrorize, but in the end, his purpose isn’t about the thrill of the killing but to instill fear. The first movie introduced the cult leader, who gives the boy the Curse of Thorn. This dreadful curse equips the youngster with a series of significant injuries. These injuries turn him into an embodiment of absolute evil. In the sequel to the Halloween series, Myers’ motive is a bit different. Myers isn’t going after Laurie Strode this time, but she is.

Why Does Michael Myers Kill?

In the original 1978 film, Myers posed as a teenager, but in the remake, he had grown more robust and ruthless with each killing. He was a psychopath who possessed a deep, unnatural, and uncontrollable need to kill. Michael’s ruthless nature made him even more frightening than his original victim. Despite this, his victims and audience were still frightened by his coldness and murders.

In his first three movies, Michael Myers was killed to instill terror. His murders were based on unorthodox methods of execution. He was capable of immobilizing a teenage girl with a shotgun, impaling her on a door, and climbing a rooftop or a truck. His killing methods were also very different than in the previous installments. But, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a psychopath – he only kills to instill fear.

For those who prefer a more realistic experience, the remakes of the original “Halloween” films have more killings than the original. The 2007 remake, “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers,” for example, is notorious for its bizarre cult plot, which gave Paul Rudd an early role. Unfortunately, the movies also feature the theatrical and producer’s cuts, with several deaths obscured.

He is solitary

Michael Myers is a demented little boy trapped in the body of a hulking man. Over time, however, he has developed into a murder machine. Even though he wears a rubber mask, his soulless eyes have a way of registering subtle emotions. As such, his murders are essentially unrelenting. This depraved soul never fails to kill someone, and his eyes are never far from his victim.

In the first episode, Michael escapes from prison and murders three guards. After killing Aaron and Dana, Michael notices a parked car and drives to Haddonfield. There, he discovers Judith’s grave and recordings of Aaron and Dana. He then kills a mechanic and an attendant of a car wash for their jaws. Next, he kills a man and stabs another woman in the neck with a kitchen knife. When his victims die, Michael leaves the park and stabs another kid in the neck with a knife.

The next day, Michael Myers killed his mother. In addition to the first victim, he killed his grandmother by shooting her with a. 22-caliber rifle. The second victim, Chambers, was killed in a car after a confrontation with Myers on the playground. There is no motive for his killings other than satanic gratification. Green describes Myers as a “spectacular” human being without emotion.

The next victim, Laurie, is murdered by Michael, who stabbed her multiple times. While trying to escape, Michael also stabs Allyson several times. Luckily, she saves her life. Then, the rest of the victims are murdered. All the victims are victims of the murderer Michael. One unsolved mystery remains – he is solitary when he kills.

He is resourceful

The “Halloween” franchise has become notorious for its violent and gory killings, but there’s a good reason. It reflects both societal and genre notions of evil. Though it’s challenging to categorize Myers, he knows how to hide and survive in society. He even managed to hide his identity, assuming the identity of several different people and blending in with the population.

The film’s opening scenes feature previously unseen cops. Hawkins, played by Thomas Mann, is recast as Lonnie Elam’s father, and Dr. Sam Loomis, played by Colin Mann. The family is left frightened by Michael’s attack on the kill-box. They escape to a hospital in the back of a truck, yelling and wailing at firetrucks trying to put out the inferno.

The most notable example of Michael Myers’ resourcefulness was how he killed Bucky. Michael Myers barely had any lines in the first movie before electrocuting him. This technique became so commonplace that he used it to shut down the town’s power. In the second movie, Michael kills two people, one of whom is a douchebag. In the fourth movie, he gets into farm equipment and gardening tools; in the fifth, he uses a scythe to chop off his victim’s heart.

When he escapes Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, Michael Myers wears a hospital gown. The next day, he kills an auto mechanic and steals his clothes. Then, he robs a hardware store to get a Halloween mask and rope. To defeat Myers on his home turf, Jamie enlists the help of Dr. Loomis. While this may seem like a bad idea, it works out in the end.

He is intelligent

Michael Myers is a killer in the ‘Halloween film series. He sabotages the lives of a gay couple by entering their childhood home and killing them. It’s good that Michael is intelligent; it gives him a leg up on other killers. However, whether he kills because he is competent or motivated by intelligence is an open question.

Michael Myers has been portrayed as an intelligent psychopath in several movies. In many of these movies, he is outsmarted by the characters he encounters. Dr. Loomis frequently appears in the original Halloween movie, outwitting the killer. Jason Voorhees, the killer from Friday the 13th movies, is portrayed as a mentally disabled child, which is another reason he kills so many people: he can’t play with food.

Michael Myers’ murders are unjustified in the first film, and the second film has the same problem. Unlike many other killers, Michael kills people because of their intelligence, not their physical attributes. As a result, he has no sympathy for other characters. In the third film, Laurie Strode and Dr. Samuel Loomis have been victimized by Michael Meyers despite their intelligence.

Season of the Witch was initially meant to be a stand-alone film, but the producers decided to keep the story going for another time. So, in addition to the new cast, the producers chose a different director to tell the story. Tommy Lee Wallace had previously directed the films Max Headroom and It. Those films were also good choices for the new Halloween movie. However, they didn’t do the same for Michael Myers’ character.