Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill Laurie?

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill Laurie?

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill Laurie?

He kills because Laurie is his sister, therefore there is a constant desire to justify his behavior and insanity. He kills because he belongs to a cult! ), even if the motive has always been clear. In the first Halloween film, Michael is introduced as a six-year-old stabbing his sister to death in 1963.

If Laurie is his granddaughter, why does Michael Myers want to kill her? This would allow Michael to perform Judith’s murder in her place. In this movie, Laurie may be a new, younger woman. Moreover, JLC has hinted that Laurie will be a Loomis-like character. The reason for this speculation is that Laurie is the only surviving child of Judith.

Michael Myers’ sexuality

In the popular Halloween horror movie, Michael Myers stalks and kills intelligent teenage girls and young women. He is considered an evil personified who kills because evil does, and the sex lives of his victims are incidental. However, there is evidence for both interpretations of Myers’s sexuality and why he wants to kill Laurie. Read on to learn more about the killer’s sexuality and why he wants to kill Laurie!

The movie depicts Michael Myers’ disturbing sexuality. He retraces his painful past and represses his unconscious sexuality, leading him to commit violent acts. In addition to killing women, he kills his friends who were in a relationship. It is unclear how Michael came to be so disturbed, but the evidence suggests that he was deeply disturbed by sexual trauma.

The infamous ‘Halloween’ movie is the first horror film to feature a woman’s sexuality and why he wants to kill her. It’s hard to imagine a movie without Michael Myers’ obsession with Laurie. His murderous spree continues through seven sequels and three time periods. When he visits Laurie, she becomes infected by Myers’ violent tendencies. Laurie stabs him in the neck with a knitting needle and repeats the action with a metal hanger and a knife. Eventually, Myers is forced to drop his knife and collapses out of his bedroom window.

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill Laurie?

The film also explores Michael Myers’ underlying themes of victimization. Michael kills his sister Judith without apparent reason, and the other women he targets are victims of sexual abuse. Ultimately, Laurie is the last victim he kills, and his sexual repression makes him violent. Despite this, he still survives Loomis’ attempts to kill him.

One of the most compelling aspects of Halloween is that it focuses on a woman’s sexuality and the reasons behind it. Michael Myers’ sexuality and the reasons he wants to kill Laurie are often debated, but this does not make the movie any less disturbing. This movie is not for the faint of heart, and it is rated R for violence.

His obsession with sex

A psychopath obsessed with sex may be the perfect candidate to kill Laurie. In the first episode, he pretends to be Bob and kills him so he can get a look at Lynda’s bare breasts. Then, he strangles her and leaves her lifeless body in her bedroom. Laurie hears about the murder over the phone but is mistakenly horrified when she realizes it is a serial killer.

The graphic novel Watchmen serves as a reference to Laurie’s adventures. While it is not a traditional sequel, the events in the comic book have repercussions in the Watchmen world. In addition, the character Laurie appears in the HBO adaptation as a different person from the original Watchmen comic book. In the comic book, Laurie was called Laurie Juspeczyk, the daughter of the Minutemen and Silk Spectre.

As a side note, Michael’s obsession with sex is what leads him to attack Laurie. Laurie is a conservative and repressed woman, but she is the only person in Haddonfield who can stand up to Michael. Despite her conservative nature, Laurie is violent like Michael, which makes him an easy target. He stabs Laurie with a kitchen knife to reach inside of her, triggering his violent nature.

The graphic novel also features a pulpy homage to superheroes from the past: a giant blue sex toy. This may be a satire of the 2009 film adaptation’s desire to make the villain exorbitantly hanged. In the comic book, however, the endowment of Doctor Manhattan is portrayed as average-sized. This makes Myers’ obsession with Laurie even more enjoyable.

While his obsession with sex drives him to murder Laurie, his infatuation with sex is the catalyst for his violent behavior. As a result, Laurie is forced to choose between being a virgin or having a man. In both cases, he chooses the latter. However, it is Laurie who saves the day in this case. In a second episode, Michael is accused of murdering his sister.

His obsession with revenge

As a child, I dreaded seeing the movie Halloween because Michael Myers always killed young women, and I always hoped he would kill someone else one day, too. Fortunately, I was proved wrong. Michael continues to kill young women in the sequels, but his obsession with revenge is even more dangerous. This time, however, Michael’s obsession spills into more films and multiple timelines. When Michael returns to the same house, Laurie attacks Myers with a knitting needle, then uses a knife and a metal hanger to repeat the same act. After the third murder, Laurie chases Myers and finally falls out of the bedroom window.

Why Does Michael Myers Want to Kill Laurie?

The first film, “Halloween,” opens with the character of Michael Myers, who stalks his sister and then murders her without reason. Unfortunately, the first film does not explain his actions, and Michael escapes a mental institution decades later. He then stalks Laurie Strode and her friends without rhyme or reason. This recurrence of his actions leaves us with no real explanation for his behavior, making Michael Myers seem like a real-life disturbed individual, much like Ed Kemper and Son of Sam.

The second film focuses on the Strode family, including the vengeful Tommy Doyle. The Myers family lives across the street from the Strode family, where Danny Strode is six years old, Tim Strode is fourteen, and Karen is their nanny. Tommy Doyle, a Bradford English yokel, is abusive. Tommy Doyle is the father of the Strode children, but he is never seen in the first film.

After the 1978 movie, the sequel to “Halloween” was released. This film served as the direct sequel to the original and de-canonized the previous sequels. In 1981, “Halloween II” addressed that Laurie was Michael’s sister. This led to confusion and conflict because both films were based on a different timeline. The sequel was directed by David Gorden Green and reunited Laurie and Michael.

His obsession with bringing back his own ‘haunted house.’

Travel writer Felix Allsey created his niche of bringing back haunted places, and he decided to visit the Rotterdam Mansion. He convinced the owner to let him stay there for thirteen nights in the hopes of making a big break. He invited his best friend Thomas, and the two avoid talking about their recent rough patch and fall into a dark humor rhythm. As their stay progresses, they hear voices and see figures around the house. It is not long before the two men realize they are being haunted by an evil force and are forced to confront it.