8 Mac Apps to Help You Succeed with College Assignments

8 Mac Apps to Help You Succeed with College Assignments

Educational Apps Help the Student Succeed with Better Assignments

Laptops are replacing traditional books and pens in schools and colleges. They are versatile, user-friendly, and fast. The devices allow you to avoid the pain of hurling heavy backpacks to the classroom by fitting all your materials in one place. Despite its good intentions, laptops in school are not without their issues. Most students deal with distractions in the form of modern applications. They need to remember the essentials necessary for learning. If you’re starting a new year or adjusting to another, let’s recommend applications for studying with ease. The software below facilitates planning, writing, organizing, and focusing.

How Will Using Apps Help the Student Cope with College Tasks Better?

Undergraduates face two primary struggles – dedicating time and energy to tasks. Technology solves these problems. It assists in completing engagements in less time and without stress. Learning applications turn thoughts into computer-generated bits of information. It also lets you sort through piles of documents to locate vital information with ease.

Undergraduates use technology to stay organized. They also use it to track homework and collaborate with teachers and classmates. Among the online writing services Papersowl can do your assignment or recommend helpful tools. When you pay to do my assignments online, choose a skilled writer and get a high-quality result before the deadline. Another alternative if you don’t want to pay someone to do your assignment is to use free essay samples and writing tools to draft the text yourself.

Technology is beneficial if you understand how to use available tools. With so many distractions around, it is impossible to focus on only one thing. Hence, you tell somebody: I will pay to do my assignment, or you complete it yourself.

8 Mac Apps to Assist Undergraduates with Their Assignments

8 Mac Apps to Help You Succeed with College Assignments

There are tons of software out there to meet various needs. As a result, we have compiled a list of applications for a quick resolution.

1. Ulysses

Ulysses is the ultimate writing app for all Apple devices. The tool has a distraction-free interface and backend power that allows you to move through different parts of drafting an academic paper. The software has a built-in proofreader and editing assistant available in 20 languages. It suggests capitalization, redundancy, style, punctuation, semantics, etc. Ulysses converts texts into PDFs, e-books, blog posts, and documents. The software supports site integration to popular platforms like Medium and WordPress. Set deadlines and milestones to manage your writing behavior.

2. Soulver

Soulver is a notepad calculator for iPhones, iPads, and Windows devices. It provides in-text calculations and saves all works for future reference. Soulver has built-in unit conversions, including cryptocurrencies and percentages. You can see and edit your calculations and use labels, comments, and headings to add structure to your study notes. Soulver has natural language features for common operations. It assigns names to numbers for use as variables in calculations.

3. Manuscripts

Manuscripts is another formatting aid for planning, editing, and publishing academic papers. It has an outlining feature for managing the flow of an article and a focus mode for performing one job alone. The software also has citation, figures, tables, and equation functions. Cite a document directly with supported reference managers or import your reference library from key tools in a few clicks. It also manages figures and equations and converts them into all expected formats for quick export.

4. iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is an organizer app for tracking chores and grades. It is a one-glance daily task manager that sends a notification to catch up on your schedules. Include information about your courses, instructors, etc. The cloud sync function allows file access on different devices. There is also a GPA calculator for tracking your grades.

5. Prizmo

Prizmo has advanced editing, OCR, and text-to-speech functions that allow scanning documents. Its export options generate beautiful image files, PDFs, and layout-preserving MS WORD files. It lets you achieve the best possible 300+ DPI output to improve visual quality. Review and edit texts along with the source image. Not only this, but you can also apply pencil and finger annotations and upload them to the cloud. The software also supports batch editing and automation and deep-rooted OS integration.

6. Be Focused

The focus timer app helps you complete tasks by breaking individual work into intervals separated by short breaks and blocking distractions. It allows you to plan, set daily goals, finish them at a steady pace, and automatically back up your daily data. As a result, it is the ultimate timer for productive work.

7. Evernote

Evernote is a management and note taking software for capturing and prioritizing events so that nothing falls through. It schedules all tasks in one clipboard and syncs across all devices. It lets you organize and assign projects with due dates and reminders, scan vital documents, save and highlight webpages, and connect with Google calendar.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It also checks clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. Grammarly’s plagiarism checker detects duplication, highlights passages that require citations, and provides the resources you need to credit sources. In essence, the text editor app allows you to write 100% grammar and plagiarism-free content.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Mac Apps

The computer is amoral, like most gadgets and technological tools. In other words, it is neither good nor bad but depends on the user. Laptops in schools aid communication and convenience. Other advantages include:

  • Systematic and improved learning ability,
  • Round-the-clock availability,
  • Interactive learning,
  • Unlimited storage,
  • Convenient accessibility, etc.

On the other hand, undergraduates may use laptops to download prohibited content or watch movies during class. Other disadvantages include:

  • Absence of response or restricted feedback,
  • Lack of tech knowledge causes disparity among learners,
  • No physical interaction,
  • Unexpected software and hardware issues.

In the end, the user determines whether a laptop or any other piece of technology will be a snare or a force for good. But with adequate control measures, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

How Can Educational Apps Transform Today’s Digital Learning System?

Educational applications have made learning processes faster, more understandable, and more convenient. Institutions use e-learning platforms to lower operational costs and improve management and efficiency. For example, teachers and undergraduates can access educational materials anywhere and anytime. They can share tasks and submit them, collaborate, and network. Unlike traditional methods, applications provide continuous access to knowledge. They allow access to training in catastrophe zones or military regions.


Educational applications put a lot of information at your fingertips. They offer personalized and interactive learning using various mediums. The tools are also cost-effective and suitable for different scenarios. If you’re an undergraduate with an iPhone or iPad, the tools above will make your experience a lot easier.