Top 5 English Learning Apps

Top 5 English Learning Apps

Top 5 English Learning Apps

Even though English is one of the most popular foreign languages ​​in Poland, still more than half of the Poles do not know it. However, looking at the number of advertisements and available methods of learning English, we will be able to notice a growing tendency in connection with learning this foreign language.

How to learn

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to reach intermediate-level content or just slightly polish your language before your new job – it’s important to learn effectively!

You can learn a language in many ways. And the best thing about it is that you can freely combine them so that they suit you and are effective for you.

The most popular options available on the market include private lessons / individual lessons, language courses, conversations, and learning programs/applications. Years ago, expensive programs such as SITA were leading the way to teach English in a relaxed state. Today, however, we know that we will gain nothing without effort.

So it can be said that these expensive programs have evolved into another way of self-learning – language learning applications.

Top 5 English Learning Apps

Or maybe an application?

Currently, applications are not only social media but also applications for signing up for medical appointments or … for learning.

If you are one of those people who are not currently interested in language courses, maybe it is worth trying the language learning application. Applications are not only a free, at least mostly, way to learn a language, but also fully tailored to you.

You choose when for how much and how you will learn. There are many applications for learning, some are based on private lessons, others on tasks and artificial intelligence. Below we will describe the best 5 language learning apps in our opinion.


English is easy! Believe us, and if you don’t believe us, give Preply a try.

This platform will allow you to find a dream teacher at a good price! A teacher from Poland or the USA – the choice is yours. The most frequently chosen countries by users are, as you can imagine, the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada.

With Preply, you learn more than just grammar. You will have the chance to practice the accent you like best in each lesson. And that’s all for the first free lesson!

From technical things:

lessons with teachers of your choice take place on the platform, so there’s no need to download anything.
you sign up for lessons on the platform yourself. Teachers have public schedules so you can choose a time that is convenient for you.
one teacher lesson does not mean you have to study with one teacher – it gives you the chance to test multiple teachers to find the best one for you.


One of the most popular language learning apps. There is probably no one who has not heard of Duolingo. Over 30 languages, daily task sets, and millions of active users! The basic version of the application is free, but there is advertising after each lesson. For the ad-free version after a 14-day trial period, we will pay PLN 62.99 per month. This is not mandatory and you have nothing to worry about until you start your SuperDuolingo trial period.

If you want to practice the basics first or recall vocabulary and grammar without expensive books, start with this app. However, don’t forget to practice your pronunciation!


Tandem is an application with which you can take and give, that is, you can teach someone and learn from someone. When registering, you mention the languages ​​you want to work on or learn. Then you list the languages ​​in which you can help someone.

It is learning by talking to another language user. So you can even learn Business English if your tandem partner knows it. 3 questions to share with you and people who will be happy to talk to you. Mobility and flexibility are the advantages of this application.


Messenger for learning English! Chats, voice messages, and audio or video calls – are the possibilities offered by this application. You choose how you want to communicate. This app is a fantastic option to chat with a native speaker online for FREE!

Millions of people use the application, practicing over 150 languages ​​from around the world. However, we have to mention a feature that enables you to learn and correct your mistakes. These include translation, transliteration, pronunciation and even correcting your messages! We believe these features are essential to learning the English language. Be sure to try it for yourself, especially since the application is free.


Bilingua is much more than an app, and it’s free. This is a language exchange at the highest level. Why? Because you know more than the language. You also get to know the culture. Algorithms will connect you with the language partner that is best for you so that you can learn efficiently and effectively.

There is also something for those who need a touch of competition. By learning with other interlocutors, you can compare your results. The determinants are not only the levels you achieve but also … badges that you earn after quick quizzes to check your progress.

Thousands of users from over 200 countries are waiting for you!