Which Countries Do And Don’t Have Hooters?

Do And Don’t Have Hooters?

Which Countries Do And Don’t Have Hooters?

With more than 229 franchises worldwide, including 138 in the US and 91 in other countries, Hooters is experiencing rapid growth. Hooters has already gained expansion by opening nine new brand stores and 17 new franchised restaurants in 2022. Moreover, this restaurant will open at least 12 new brand stores and 18 new franchise stores worldwide in the upcoming years. Hooters currently operates in 30 countries, including restaurants in South Africa, Europe, China, Australia, Russia, Latin America, and North America. Most of the Hooters locations are present in the United States in Texas, which is 17% of the franchises currently in America.

Background Of Hooters

They first opened in 1983 with a straightforward concept. Women in scary clothes were selling food and drinks. It was established in 1984 and became the present institution. Since then, the uniform and menu have changed little. The company has since expanded to hotels, casinos, and even airlines! They also exist in many countries and regions.

On April Fool’s Day 1983, six business experts, well-known as “Six Hooters,” created the concept of Hooters in Florida. After the perfect Hooters girl found Lynn Austin at a Jose Cuervo bikini contest, the idea began to take shape. One of the Hooters’ Six wives completed a logo sketch. Expectations were too low to receive a toast just by opening the door at that time.

Since then, millions of people have been visiting from their daily routine at this neighborhood restaurant. Hooters emphasizes excellent food and drinks, compulsive guest service, unique charm, and a laid-back atmosphere with world famous Hooters Girls. Combining these elements makes Hooters a destination for celebrities, athletes, and all types of people who love food and enjoy life!

Why Is Hooters Most Popular? 

Hooters have a diverse customer base that includes young and old, men and women, children and families. Of course, many celebrities have visited many Hooters restaurants worldwide over the years. Their customers choose Hooters because of the new restaurant’s impressive AV system, where they can enjoy a fun and exciting atmosphere. Moreover, they offer a high-quality and varied menu with a wide range of cocktails and other beverages. Customers can watch sporting events and enjoy the first-class atmosphere with Hooters Girls’ hospitality.


Which Asian countries have franchises of Hooters? 

Hooters are present widely in China, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Korea. One in Thailand has been so successful that it has caused a drive for offices in other Southeast Asian countries. Still, unfortunately, Covid19 has put an end to it. Their Beijing branch is most famous for ribs. As of February 1, 2018, Hooters had 430 restaurants worldwide. There are 201 corporate branches in the United States and 138 franchise branches in Korea. Hooters also have 91 restaurants outside the US, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Asia, and Latin America. In 2017 alone, Hooters opened restaurants in 4 new countries and started working in Spain, Indonesia, Bolivia, and Lithuania.

Which Countries Have Hooters’ Franchises?

Wing lovers traveling the world can visit one of more than 430 Hooters restaurants in countries like Australia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Germany, Colombia, Russia, Switzerland, Mexico, and more. Follow the table to know more about Hooters locations;


Brazil Germany Guatemala
Indonesia Hungary Panama
Canada Singapore Thailand
Czech Republic Costa Rica Taiwan
Colombia Mexico U. S. Virgin Islands
Dominican Republic China United Kingdom
Japan South Africa The Bahamas
Aruba Australia Switzerland and the USA


What are the States Of the US that Don’t Have Hooters?

Here is the list of United States territories that do not have any branch of Hooters:

Vermont Guam Puerto Rico
Oregon Washington Wyoming
District of Columbia Alaska South Dakota
American Samoa Maine Idaho
New Hampshire Hawaii West Virginia
Northern Marina Islands Utah Montana


Why Owning Hooters Is an Ideal Choice For Franchises?

Hooters has several factors that make Hooters an excellent franchising opportunity. It includes world-renowned brands, a uniquely differentiated customer experience, a high-quality and varied full-bar menu, the hospitality of the world-famous Hooters Girls, and attractive department-level affordability. “One of the best things about selling this concept is that you don’t have to cross the barrier of brand awareness,” says Mark Whittle, Director of Development at Hooters. “Everyone here in the United States or abroad knows Hooters, and most people love this brand.”

Usually, franchise earnings vary greatly depending on the brand you choose and the industry where you are working. About $82,000 is the average annual income of a franchise owner in the restaurant industry. In comparison, non-franchise restaurant owners can earn up to $155,000 per year.

What is the recipe that made Hooters America’s most famous restaurant? 

The combination of delicious food, cozy atmosphere, and the world-famous Hooters Girls is the secret to Hooters’ success. And with the launch of the new Prototype 4 building in 2013, it’s constantly evolving, adding new items to the menu or updating the restaurant’s look.

Interesting Facts About Hooters

  1. Hooters take their wings seriously. The Hooters ” Worldwide Wing Eating Championship ” is recognized as the official wing-eating contest by MLB Eating. The Hooters “Worldwide Wing Eating Championship” is held annually in the brand’s hometown of Clearwater, Florida. Last year’s winner ate 241 wings in 10 minutes. 
  2. Surprisingly, Hooters lived without alcohol for 23 years. Of course, there was always beer on the wings, but the strong alcohol didn’t last long. Today, alcohol sales account for 28% of the company’s revenue.
  3.  Especially on Sunday evenings, families come for cheap food. According to one former waiter, affordable meals, families can be noisy and messy. Moreover, everything is plastic and unbreakable is the combination that makes Hooters family-friendly.

Bottom Line

For market expansion, Hooters is primarily looking for places with a population of approximately 125,000 with an above-average, high-priority income base. Moreover, they prefer a daytime activity and a solid residential base around the area. Additionally, Hooters prefer locations near area businesses, movie theaters, tourist or transit areas, and sports arenas to help drive evening and late-night traffic. The most rushy and famous Hooters restaurants are present in the heart of central downtown areas.