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Danube Properties and DLD Innovate Real Estate Transactions with Onsite Initial Sales Contracts

  • 05/06/2023
  • By sennik
  • In Real Estate
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Danube Properties and DLD Innovate Real Estate Transactions with Onsite Initial Sales Contracts

In a major strategic partnership with Dubai Land Department (DLD), UAE-based developer Danube Properties has announced a pioneering service for property buyers, introducing onsite instant initial sales contracts or Oqood.

Boosting Investor Confidence

This innovative collaboration is part of DLD’s concerted efforts to enhance its service delivery to real estate buyers and reinforce investor confidence in Dubai’s thriving real estate sector. Danube’s agreement with DLD signifies the latter’s increasing trust in the property group.

Delivering Instant Oqood

The agreement ensures that the initial sale contracts or Oqood are provided instantly to Danube property buyers once the necessary processes are finalized. This significant step not only saves time but also elevates the level of customer satisfaction.

Aligning with Government Vision

Majid Saqr Abdullah Al Marri, the CEO of the Real Estate Registration Sector at Dubai Land Department, affirmed that the move aligns with the government’s vision to provide the best and most seamless customer experience in real estate.

Al-Marri further explained, “DLD has been improving ways to make property transactions seamless and more efficient using the latest technologies. This agreement with the Danube reflects our willingness to take our services to the customers’ doorsteps and fingertips. Instead of property buyers coming to us, we are going to them – through real estate developers – at their offices.”

A Landmark Initiative

Applauding this strategic agreement, Rizwan Sajan, Group Founder and Chairman underscored the uniqueness of the initiative. He stated, “This new landmark initiative reflects the forward-looking and proactive vision of the Dubai Land Department to reach out to the property buyers and developers – who can now get their Oqood registered onsite and almost instantly.”

Sajan added, “This is unheard of in this part of the world and makes DLD one of the smartest land registries in the world.”

Conclusion: Shaping a Smarter Real Estate Sector

The partnership between Danube Properties and DLD demonstrates an inventive approach towards enhancing the real estate buying experience. With the promise of instant onsite Oqood, the collaboration marks a significant stride in making Dubai’s real estate sector smarter and more customer-centric. The initiative is expected to bolster investor confidence and strengthen Dubai’s global real estate hub position. The Danube-DLD agreement is a testament to Dubai’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer happiness.

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