How Many Countries Have Mcdonald’s?

Countries Have Mcdonald's

How Many Countries Have Mcdonald’s? 

Today, McDonald’s is one of the top restaurants in revenue. They serve almost 69 million customers daily. McDonald’s offers services in more than 100 countries at around 37,000 spots. In 2019, only McDonald’s sales in the US were more than $40 billion. However, the top fast-food company did not start its business as the biggest fast-food company. This company began in 1940. 

McDonald’s is now a sign of globalization. So it refers to the term “McDonaldization.” Also, the Big Mac Index compares the Big Mac’s cost in various currencies of the world. By 2015, Switzerland was the most costly Big Mac; on the other hand, India has the least costly one, followed by Hong Kong.   

What Is The History Of Mcdonald’s?  

McDonald’s started their business in 1940. Mcdonald’s burger starts its business as a small burger joint in California. So the concept of fast food was new at that time in American society. In addition, Ray Kroc joined this company in 1955 as a franchise agent. He buys these restaurant chains. However, Kroc has known from his business politics that he believes the franchises from the two brothers; consequently, they retire from the fast-food business. So years later, McDonald’s has become the symbolization of globalization. 

Countries That Have Mcdonald’s 

Macdonald’s menu varies as depends on the location of the restaurant. According to a report from 2012, McDonald’s, with 1.5 million employees, is the second-largest employer. Many countries have McDonald’s, mentioned in ascending order.

Name  Number Of Outlets
South Africa 225
Sweden 225
Hong Kong 237
Thailand 240
Netherlands 245
Turkey 255
India 290
Malaysia 314
Poland 400
Mexico  402
Taiwan 413
Philippines 449
South Korea 450
Spain 497
Italy 609
Russia 609
Brazil 812
Australia 920
United Kingdom 1,274
France 1,419
Canada 1,450
Germany 1,470
China 2,391
Japan 2,975
United States 14,146


Top Three Countries Having Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s has been expanding worldwide since its opening in the 1950s. Currently, McDonald’s runs 36,899 restaurants. Out of the 5,669 are owned by the company, and 31,230 are franchises. Real property owned is around 16 to 18 billion dollars. 

United States 

The US is the leading country with the highest number of Mcdonald’s restaurants globally. Almost 31.5% of revenue comes from United States McDonald’s restaurants. However, most of the outlets of McDonald’s where are a high number of people, like California, Texas, and New York. However, the states with huge numbers of McDonald’s restaurants are Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Kansas, and Michigan.


It was the first country in Asia where they enter McDonald’s. This country has around 2,975 spots.


It is the third country that has most McDonald’s restaurants. China has almost 2,200 spots. Although the McDonald’s franchise reached Japan in the 1970s, they welcomed McDonald’s in 1990. However, other countries having McDonald’s restaurants are France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In addition, these countries have more than 1,000 outlets of McDonald’s.  

What Are The Countries That Have No Mcdonald’s?

Despite that, McDonald’s has operated more than 39,000 restaurants, rising continuously. Many countries in the world have no McDonald’s outlets. However, there are many reasons for that. Also, some countries may not have the supply chain to operate a restaurant. Other causes are that a country may be politically unsafe to support McDonald’s. 

In contrast, some countries may have a diet routine contrary to McDonald’s. Or simply some countries don’t want that big competitive company to compete with their local restaurants. However, the list of countries are decreasing day by day that has no McDonald’s. Moreover, the countries that do not have a McDonald’s are Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, and Cambodia, and the list is too long. 

Mcdonald’s – Some Facts About Franchises

The famous logo of McDonald’s first appeared in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1955, Ray Kroc joined as a franchise agent and bought the restaurant chain from the McDonald’s brothers. Now, the headquarter of McDonald’s are in Chicago. In addition, McDonald’s is the leading restaurant company worldwide. It operates in 102 countries with 37,000 spots worldwide. In addition, it has more than 1.7 million workers and serves more than 70 million people. By 2020, the market cap of McDonald’s will be $122.9 billion. 

McDonald’s gets massive success due to its affordable prices, fast food service, incredibility, and strategic marketing. Also, it is the first restaurant that serves breakfast with Egg McMuffin. However, serving breakfast to their customers is the wisest decision of McDonald’s as they lost money for five years before they launched their breakfast. Moreover, McDonald’s sales increased by 5% when they started offering breakfast. 

In addition, most countries have various menu items according to their region. For example, McDonald’s in Germany serves bratwurst; in the Philippines, they do McSpaghetti; in Japan. Moreover, they help you with Tempura shrimp burger; they serve you a burger on rice patties in Singapore. However, some countries like Europe serve Beer too.   


Expansion Of Mcdonald’s In The World

The chain of this fast-food restaurant continues to grow internationally. So the first franchise of McDonald’s was opened outside the US in Canada in 1967. Furthermore, in the 21st century, there are almost 34,000 McDonald’s spots working in more than 115 countries. However, during the 1990s, the growth of McDonald’s restaurants was soo rapid that McDonald’s opened somewhere every 5 hours. In addition, it has evolved into the most growing restaurant worldwide due to its affordability, flavors, food, and fun.

With time, McDonald’s also expand its menu, introducing Egg Muffins, Fillet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounders, Sandwiches, Chicken McNuggets, and Happy Meals. Also, many countries adapted their menu according to local tastes and customs. 

Food Services Of Mcdonald’s

McDonald’s has Big Mac, fries, chicken sandwiches, wraps, soft drinks, desserts, and other beverages. Although to make sure that it connects to the global markets, they offer a food menu. For example, they serve Gazpacho in Spain, in China, they do the white and black burger, and in India, they serve Veg Pizza McDuff. In the US, the main rival for McDonald’s is Burger King.

Mcdonald’s Franchise Cost

Have you ever wondered what the estimated cost to open a McDonald’s franchise is? According to a report, the initial investment is $1,263,000 to $2,235,000. Also, the investment in McDonald’s restaurant includes an initial fee of $45,000 and equipment of $900,000-$1,500,000. 

Franchise Fee

McDonald’s is the gold standard in fast food companies. In addition, if you have chosen the franchise, you have to pay the initial franchise fee of $45,000. The high franchise fee will lead to raised average sales at the restaurants. 

Estimated Initial Cost

The initial investment depends on the type of store, but for the initial investment, you have to pay the range of $1,263,000 to $2,235,000. However, this amount is only for the franchise fee. 

Net Requirement 

If you can open a franchise at McDonald’s, they also check your net worth. In addition, a person who applies for the franchise has an amount of $500,000 of assets before moving with the franchise application process. 

Other Fees

The most common ongoing fees are royalties and advertising dollars paid back to the franchise. According to the number of stores in the US, there are many advertising dollars to be spent. However, they have 4% of services fees, and not less than 4% of sales are for promotion and advertising fees. 


Macdonald’s is leaving fast-food restaurants worldwide. However, you can find Mcdonald’s in almost every country if you are traveling. They are working in more than 100 countries in the world.