Best Ways to Make Business Page on Instagram & Gain 1000 of Followers

5 Ways to Make Your Business Page on Instagram & Gain Thousands of Followers

Best ways to make your business page on Instagram gain thousands of followers and thrive: a guide for beginners in 2022

With 1 billion of active users in 2022 and a prognosis that IG is going to be a platform that keeps in nearly ⅓ of all the Internet users, this platform can fairly be called the most promising one in terms of business development and content advertising. So, if you are one of the people who are joining the party kind of late, this text is for you – in it we are going to review 5 main and most efficient ways to make your profile on Insta gain thousands of followers and thrive like never before.

It might seem that there are a ton of tools on the Internet to develop social media now, but nearly none of them work as well as promised. But, the key is actually in knowing what combination of them to use and in what order, so in this article we will tell you when is the best time to set a targeted ad, when and why to buy Instagram followers which can definitely boost your page, and where to seek for free support if you’re not yet in the condition to invest some money into your future success.

What’s here for you for free

 But first, let’s stop for a minute and figure out the basics: is your profile filled enough? Do you have enough posts and enough stories that tell people about your product, service or content? If yes, you can proceed further, but if no, you first have to make your profile look right. Upload at least from 9 to 12 publications so that your feed would look decent; then make sure that you have made the navigation through your page clear – is there enough highlights that tell people what you’re selling and where or how they can get it? How are their lives going to change because of that? Make sure that you’ve packed your page with this information and are ready to also be in touch with people who are going to need more answers to their questions.

Now, when your profile is set and done, you can proceed to free promotional methods: for example, you can join some activity chats and ask for help there: in them (in Telegram or on WhatsApp) people share links to the posts that need some support and then exchange likes, comments and other signs of validation. But this method actually takes a lot of your spare time, because what people do for you, you have to do in return, and that’s not quite convenient if you have a whole business to manage.

Where to seek support

The best would be to turn to PR from the bloggers – it might be free and might be paid, depending on the results that you want to gain. For example, if you don’t want to invest much, you can try to find pages that have approximately the same number of followers as you do and contact them, offering a collab. They can tell their viewers about your blog and company on their page and vice versa, and this way both of you will be able to sufficiently increase the number of subscribers that you have.

If you’re a brand that sends something materialistic: clothes, tech devices, cosmetics, etc, life is even easier for you. You can come to bloggers from your or neighboring niches and offer them PR boxes, for them to make a review of what’s in the box instead. They can make stories, posts, reels, whichever format you find most convenient, and via these publications the people who might be interested in your product are going to learn about you.

If you’re here for even better results and if you’re ready to put in some money, you can turn to paid native ads from bloggers with millions of subscribers – but make sure to choose the ones whose costs for ads won’t destroy your budget if it is relatively small right now.

Why purchase subscribers

 To make your profile look more decent and weighty you can easily buy real Instagram followers and leave behind your worries about gaining enough subs weekly or monthly. Some websites even offer subscriptions (and even complex subscriptions that include something more than just followers), using them you won’t have to worry about permanent growth of your page. But to make this purchase one hundred percent efficient you have to keep in mind that those viewers you buy have to be real – not bots, not fakes, but real people who have their own accounts on Insta and use them every day. What’s their motivation to become your subscribers then?

Well, decent companies offer these people small rewards for following somebody on IG or on any other social media. By working with such companies people gain a chance to get some coupons or discounts usually for online content that they later couldn’t afford to get or didn’t want to get for a certain price. And now, with a discount on their hands, things are becoming easier.

This way all sides of such a bargain remain totally content with what’s happening: you’re getting the subs you’ve wanted, the people who help you with that get rewards and the company does its job and gets the payment.

When is the best time to set a targeted ad?

 Despite what most of the people think, there is a best time: and it is the time when you have formed the base via paid subs and have already worked with the bloggers who made an ad for you. Now your profile should be looking more decent then before and it is going to be easier for you to assure people that your content is worth checking out and following.

Now you should be checking the settings of the ad you’re about to set first. Don’t try to get a crazy audience reach – check if the interests, ages, locations are suitable first, and only after your first target is going to go smoothly can you proceed to increasing the number of people whom this ad is going to be shown to.


Today we can control the process of social media development in all the possible ways: there are free and paid methods and we can count on them if we want to get better and quicker results for your businesses. Just follow the tips like an Easy Guitar Chord. The final thought is this: don’t hesitate to put into the paid services, because the payback and the results are seriously going to astonish you.