Websites To Consider For Listing Credible Sources For Research Papers

Websites To Consider For Listing Credible Sources For Research Papers

Websites To Consider For Listing Credible Sources For Research Papers

Gathering information is an integral part of writing a research paper. You must consult articles, journals, and the Internet for information throughout your paper-writing process. Though there are a lot of sources of information on the internet, but not all of them are reliable. Since credible sources provide reliable information, only credible sources can be cited in a research paper. So, how exactly do you find these sources? In that case, you are in luck because we have compiled a list of sites you can consider for this task in this article. However, before we move forward, let’s understand what credible sources are.

A credible source is one that is considered to be unbiased and reliable. They typically contain evidence-based information and are recent publications. In determining the credibility of a source, the organization or vehicle can make a significant difference. The credibility of the information is high if the author has a well-known track record as an expert in the field, as well as if the organization is well-regarded. Are you aware of why credible sources are important?

For research papers, credible sources are essential since they provide information and evidence based on reliable sources. If a research paper’s results are unreliable, it will not be useful, regardless of its research pattern, structure, and organization. Therefore, research papers and research, in general, require ample time to find credible sources of information. Providing reliable information makes you a valuable contributor to your field and gains your audience’s trust and support.

On that note, let us discuss some websites that can offer you credible sources. But make sure your internet connection is fast because you do not want interruptions during necessary research. If you happen to look for a suitable ISP, Spectrum is a great option. Simply call Spectrum Phone Number and get the package suiting your budget. Additionally, there are other good providers to consider but ensure you do not compromise on the reliability and speed tiers.

Below are some of the best websites for credible sources for research papers:

Google Scholar

You can easily search for scholarly literature on this site. The search engine allows you to find academic publications, professional societies, online repositories, universities, and other websites across a wide range of disciplines with one search. Another benefit of this academic search engine is that it is free! You do not have to pay for subscriptions or membership packages, which is perfect for students.

Microsoft Academic

After a disappointing run in 2012, Microsoft Academic relaunched in 2016 as a top alternative to Google Scholar. The 2.0 version optimizes the search process while offering excellent results. Instead of relying solely on keywords, this resource utilizes semantic search to consider the actual meaning of words and phrases.

Many different elements make up a search query that Microsoft Academic identifies as entities, which represent top concepts for organizing information. These include:

  • Author
  • Paper
  • Journal
  • Topic
  • Conference


It provides access to a vast bibliographic database of scientific and medical publications published by the Dutch publisher Elsevier. A total of 18 million pieces have been published there, all of which are credible. You can therefore rely on this tool for more than just efficiency. In addition to full-text access to authoritative science, technology, and health publications, ScienceDirect also provides intuitive, intelligent features to help users stay informed and work more effectively. You can easily locate more relevant journal articles using its sophisticated search and retrieval tools.


This website also offers a unique combination of expertly curated abstracts and citations, enriched data and linked research in various disciplines. Scopus assists industry researchers in tracking market innovations, identifying key collaborators, and benchmarking their competition. In addition to providing reliable data, metrics, and analytical tools, it quickly finds relevant, authoritative research.

It is important to note that they only provide free access to abstracts and citations but not to the full papers. To gain full access, you must review the terms.


JSTOR offers various materials, including books, articles, and journals. Despite the limited access, it is a great resource for students. Additionally, the sources are carefully selected before being placed in the database, making it one of the most reliable websites for references.

Wrapping Up

That is all for this post. We hope you find it helpful and visit these websites for future research papers. If you have already visited any from the above list, let us know your favorite.


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